Laner Christine - Artistic Handicrafts

Christine Laner†is a newcomer to our Bienno Association, "Borgo degli Artisti".
Christine's passion is such that she has pushed her to work differently, even though she has been here shortly.
Here is a statement from Christine himself about his passion.

"It's called WANITA and was born in 2010, after nearly twenty years as a designer of sports footwear, my personal artwork project, which recovers unused and destined materials and transforms them into a resource.
They are the same materials, largely pieces of "soul" that guide the footsteps of my creativity to become unique, repeatable but never identical pieces that contain their own emotional charge.
Every piece is cut and hand-sewn with love and patience.
Each approach is the fruit of the union of mind, hands, and heart in search of a balance in harmony with nature. "

Christine is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2017.

Photo Portrait:†Gianluca Pavarini