Alborghetti Paola - Painter

Paola Alborghetti was born in Besana Brianza, Milan, in 1975.

Before embarking on the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, there are many and varied work experiences he undertake.

In 2003 he went to Dresden, Germany, where he attended the painting course for 6 months.

In 2006 he graduated at the Accademia di Brera and in 2007 decided to move to Dresden.

Since 2013, she and her companion and artist Eckehard Fuchs decided to embark on a variety of work experience in artist residences in Europe, Japan and the USA.

Painting and Paola is a strongly bodily, emotional act that embraces the freedom of becoming.

And unknowing origin of wonderful accidents.

Opening to the free process of becoming brings the artist closer to nature, to its elements, to the signs impressed in it.

Freedom of perception, expression by any means without rationality obliging to seek explanations, letting go to life freely, seeking beauty in gesture and color: this is for Paola's dedication to painting.

The artist therefore seeks in all the ways available to "abstract" the world to approach it, through the use of color paintings outlined by "almost" precise lines, which enclose a "almost" monochromatic color, perhaps outlining a desire for order, but not being too precise.

Painting, like life, is thus deposited with dualisms, experiences, open, uncertain, imperfect forms.

Paola is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2017.

Atelier:††Piazza Roma, Bienno (Bs)

Photo Portrait: Gianluca Pavarini