Fuchs Eckehard - Painter

Eckehard Fuchs was born in 1975 in Alzenau / Wasserlos (Frankfurt, Germany).
He initially studied graphic design at Darmstad and then enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, painting address, where he graduated in 2003.
In 2005 he gained specialization in painting.
His painting does not follow the formal rigidity of a pre-established concept, but is indifferent to the voices of media choirs imposed by our society.
Eckehard relies on inner necessity, hears intuition.
The journey and the continuous change of study every three to six months, in Europe and beyond, the pattern of life and work that the artist pursues from 2012, have in a certain sense become the work structure chosen.
The different external conditioning, especially the different way of thinking of the metropolis and the province, allow him to see his work under a constantly renewed light.
In his search the formal debate, always accompanied by self-referential and recurring forms, resolves in the desire to experience and think beyond the boundaries.
The expressive code spans indifferent between figuration and abstraction, narrative signs and narratives, opening up to new possibilities, never limited to a single means of expression.

Eckehard is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2017.

Atelier:†Piazza Roma, Bienno (Bs)

Photo Portrait: Gianluca Pavarini