Baiguera Angelo - Painter

Angelo Baiguera is an example of how an artist's inventiveness has no limits.
His feature as quoted by Angelo himself later is that "whatever I have in my hands is fine to paint.
Below is a mini - biography written by Angelo himself.

"I am Angelo Baiguera, born to Orzinuovi (Bs) in 1954 and now I live in Bienno, in the middle Camonica Valley. Ever since I was small, I had cultivated the passion for painting and I never abandoned it by improving my time. I'm self-taught and whatever I have in my hands is fine for me to paint.
I adapt to any material, that is canvas, a sheet of paper or a wooden tablet. Mixing colors creates harmony, my brush goes and begins to create.
Now I also work with stone: The slate, in the valley of us is recognized by the name "PIODA". The colors are "ink" and I skillfully play various contrasts of light.
The dominant theme of my works is the "landscaping", where I reflect, in fact, moments of life that have lost in time and are referred to through pictures that are tending to realism."

Angelo is part of the "Village of Artists" since 2013.

Atelier: Via Contrizio, Bienno (Bs).

Photo Portrait:†Gianluca Pavarini