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Bienno, dialect "Bién", is an ancient Borgo site in the Province of Brescia, in the middle Valle Camonica, which has become famous because it is awarded the title of "One of the most beautiful villages in Italy"
and "Orange Flag Village", thanks to its many beauties, shaded Alleyways, picturesque courtyards, frescoed churches, green mountains and lush hills that frame it ...

Walking through its lanes, the tourist can touch with the hand the testimonies of the ancient and solid culture of bienno work, based on the irony: today, by entering the historical fucines, you can live alive to iron processing, whose secrets are Were passed down from generations to generation by Frear,
becoming indelible heritage of bienno culture.

But Bienno is not just "the village where everything stopped": it is also a place characterized by past and present mingling where the indelible traces of an important historical and artistic tradition intertwine with the new forms of art proposed by the Artists joining the
"Bienno Borgo degli Artisti" project.

The country has become such a fascinating and rich "open-air museum", fascinating to discover and impossible to forget.

"Give to those who love wings to fly, roots to go back and reasons to stay" (Dalai Lama).

Below are links to access the Facebook and Instagram pages of the City of Bienno,
Bienno Tourism, the Borgo degli Artisti and the Exposure Fair.



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