Panteghini, sapori antichi - Enoteca

Enoteca sited on the border of the old town with the "new" part of the village, proposes a wide variety of wines from Italy and not.

Address: Via Fantoni
La Bottega - Alimentari
Grocery store, well-stocked to please everyone's tastes.
Address: Via Contrizio, 24
Luppoleto Camuno - Boutique

It offers fresh hops and various products including honey-based cosmetics of handicraft production.

Address: Via Contrizio, 39
Tel: 392 252 0936
Giardino dell'Eden - Fruttivendolo

Located outside the historic center offers a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Address: Via Fiamminghino, 10
Tel: 0364 791202
Gli Astre - Alimentari

Typical camuni and various products.

Address: Via Fantoni, 42
La Bottega del Pane - Panificio

Retail bread, pizza, biscuits, sweets, cakes, sponges, soft drinks, typical products.

Address: Via Luigi Ercoli, 55 a
Tel: 344 1344133
Centro Carni Antonini di Gheza Ermanno e Fabrizio S.N.C. - Macelleria

It offers a wide choice of typical meats and not to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Address: Via Fantoni, 42
Tel: 0364 40050
Sicilia in Bocca - Fruttivendolo

It offers a wide choice of fruits and vegetables in our territories and not.

Address: Via Prati
Bellini Frutta e Verdura - Fruttivendolo

It offers a choice of fruits, vegetables and typical products.

Address: Via Fantoni, 15
Tel: 0364 40573
Del Re - Alimentari

Typical and not typical products.

Address: Via L. Ercoli, 24
Crai - Alimentari, Prodotti Tipici

Food store also offers typical products.

Address: Via Crocedomini, 16, Borgo di Prestine
Il Forno Panificio Pasticceria
Address: Via Fantoni, 5
Tel: 0364/40021
Fax: 0364/300001
Fanti - Alimentari
Address: Piazza Roma - Via Aldo Moro - Via Luigi Ercoli
Tel: 0364/40408
Fax: 0364/40408
Al Mulino - Prodotti Tipici

Casoncelli, cheeses and salami of their own production.
Silter, Bagoss. Tasting

Address: Via Ripa, 125
Tel: 0364 300561
Zanella - Supermarket

Tipical Products

Address: Via L. Ercoli
Tel: 0364/300032
Fax: 0364/300032
Quadretto - Pasticceria
Address: Via Contrizio,32
Tel: 0364/406051
Fax: 0364/406051
Antica Torre Gelateria

In the historic center of Bienno, it is one of the most ancient and beautiful parts of the country. Production of high quality ice cream, ice cream pie, fresh fruit icicles, citrus juices.

Address: Via Contrizio, 22b
Tel: 0364/300808
Da Salvo - Fruttivendolo

Vegetable and food fruits

Address: Piazza Roma
Tel: 0364 406701
Fax: 0364 406701
Valgrigna carni -Macelleria
Address: Via Luigi Ercoli
Tel: 0364/404360
Fax: 0364/404360