The Valdajone Refuge located on the Bienno Mountains is a very comfortable structure completely immersed in the green of our mountains.á
It offers about 50 seats and 18 beds, divided into two 9-room quarters. near it, there is a lawn where you can do picnics and attendance (as a result of municipal permits); you can also find two Malghe, Valdaione and Figarolo where to buy typical products of cow's milk.


Park your car at Bienno (Bs) at the intersection of Via Prestine and Via Ponte Prada, at the communal cemetery.
Take the flat paved road to the right.á
You pass the Prada Bridge and just past you turn left and begin climbing on the asphalt road.á
You continue and meet the roads that come from Prestine. You cross the Novali resort and you reach the Sesa resort after about 1.30am (on foot).á
As soon as you reach it you continue flat until you reach the new bridge.á
Continue straight and (rather steep), continue climbing after about 3 o'clock (on foot) the goal.

It is possible to reach this hut (former Colonia Valdajone) also with FUORISTRADA with the same ITINERARY.

Address: Loc. Valdajone
Tel: 3279356944
Baita Fontaneto

The Fontaneto is a shelter located in the mountains of Bienno a few meters from Campolaro.
Here you can find a warm and welcoming atmosphere served by very friendly staff in a location surrounded by greenery that allows excursions between our paths with views of the surrounding mountains.

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Tel: 335 6417087

The Campolungo Refuge located on the Biennese mountains is a very comfortable structure surrounded by greenery.
During the summer the agritourism is active with refreshment and during the whipping it takes place the production of local cheeses.
Entering the surrounding Wood you will find yourself immersed in the densest nature, among larch and mountain pine trees you can find various animal species, including the bear, the roe deer, the deer, the chamois, the fox and the black grouse.
As a historical heritage Campolungo boasts several Mines dating back to the early Iron Age.

Tel: 02 67 404 341
Mob: 345 048 4986
The Bazena hut has been a very confortable structure for years and has 15 rooms 
(partly with private facilities), a dining room, a bar, a breakfast room,
a car park and an outdoor garden. Colony space with bunk beds and kitchen
with possibility of self-management. Church for religious functions.

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Address: LocalitÓ Bazena
Tel: 0364 310777
Mob: 335 600 8693
The Crocedomini hut has been offering for many years as well as a great hospitality to its customers, as well as many bar, restaurant and lodging options with up to 10 beds, fireplace, kitchen and independent bathroom.
They also try to sell alpine products and have a depandance.
Unforgettable view from the shelter on the valley that can give great emotions.

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Address: Passo Crocedomini
Tel: 0364 310425
Mob: 3475513358