Oasi Verde

A comfortable and functional structure. Hotel Oasi Verde is located in the Prestine Village (Bienno), a characteristic center in the Valle dei Magli, north of Lake Iseo, in the direction of the Crocedomini Pass.
In a tranquil setting surrounded by dense vegetation, Hotel Oasi Verde is the ideal place for a relaxing and relaxing holiday, both in summer and winter.
The Hotel has Swimming Pool, Solarium, Garden, Elevator, Closed Parking, Pizzeria, Bar with ample shaded space for rest, a sunny terrace with panoramic views of the village, the mountains and the valley.
A special note goes to the kitchen which offers abundant traditional and local dishes, but also gourmet recipes typical of Italian cuisine, all served in the cozy atmosphere of our restaurant.


Close: Monday

Address: Via dei Tornanti, 4
Tel: 0364300813

The Belvedere hotel is located in the Prestine village 12 km from Bienno, along the state road that leads to the Crocedomini pass. The recently refurbished rooms feature shower facilities. The restaurant room can accommodate up to 90 people. Homemade cooking, with the appreciation of typical camuni dishes. In addition to tasting local specialties, guests can go hiking the Adamello Park Mountain Trails and reach Alpine Refuges and Lakes.

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Address: Loc.Campolaro, 1
Tel: 0364 300649
Mob: 338 1308129