Dal 24/05/2019 - al 26/05/2019From 24/05/2019 - to 26/05/2019
Three days of competition between the five cantus of the medieval village

Madame, Messeri, Princes and Knights, Osti and Wayfarers who live in Bienno either inside the walls or out in the pleasant countryside, listen!

Superb dames in precious brocades, valiant knights on stalwart steeds, sparks of spears, cries and joy and screams of victory await you at the Campo de li Giuochi!

The tenzone of virtue et de l'honore is about to return, which as a prize offers a precious Palio for the valor of the winning Cantý.

Everybody rush to see the brave!

All go down to the Piazze, the Vie and the Campo de li Giuochi!

And celebrate 'Your Knights!